The base price includes the following:  plain or roughout Number 1 Hermann Oak saddle skirting leather --  natural oil finish -- custom made rawhide covered laminated wood tree or clear coated hand laid Kevlar on a wood tree -- 3/4, 7/8, or full double rig or in-skirt rig -- stainless steel or solid brass hardware of your choice -- 3/4" bark tanned wool lining -- padded seat -- Cheyenne roll cantle -- leather covered stirrups -- Blevins buckles -- all edges stitched and hand finished -- 6' latigo -- half breed latigo -- mohair cincha or leather cincha  -- 1 3/4" stitched and lined rear billets and a 3 1/2" stitched and lined rear flank for roping saddles.  All saddles are ready to ride.

     Leather is a Natural Product!

     Leather is a natural product featuring exceptional beauty, warmth and distinct characteristics like natural scars and blemishes (range marks) that make each piece of leather one of a kind.  These distinct characteristics are part of the leather's natural beauty and add to the personality of each product manufactured from it.  


     All saddles are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the saddle to the original owner.  This guarantee does not cover the natural wearing of the hardware and leather due to day-to-day wear, misuse, and alterations.



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